Justtests.gr - a powerful tool for recruitment & assessment

Finding the right job is more than a matter of skills.

The "right" job is one that best fits our personality, our working style, and the way we think and act; one that makes the most out of our strengths and helps improve on our weaknesses. With that in mind, we have developed justtests.gr to enhance the procedure of evaluating candidate/position suitability and help both candidates and employers find their perfect match. Candidates are invited to take a test through justtests.gr by employers who have received their cv, found some interest in it, and wish to proceed to further evaluation. The assessment tools available on the site have been thoroughly tested for validity and reliability and the overwhelming majority of candidates who have completed the tests have viewed it as a positive, enlightening experience, which has helped them bring forth their strengths and improve on their improve on their weaker points.


Important note: the tests are rarely, if ever used in isolation in the hiring process. They are used in combination with other criteria, ie. a review of your qualifications, personal interview, assessment centers, and references.